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Science Proved Running

Water is a living source for all organisms, and its importance can’t be compared with other liquids. It is having the quality to remove your thirst and gives you satisfaction that cannot be experienced with others. Suppose, you are so thirsty that you are unable to talk, but water is not present, then you drink juice to satisfy your thirst. The juice never takeover the use of water as it has sugar that makes you more thirsty. Water is the only liquid that can satisfy your body demands like for breathing or removal of carbon dioxide. It has numerous qualities that are still unknown by the people.

Adhesion is only shown by the

Adhesion is only shown by the water, that’s why water is considered superior to other liquids like juices, shakes and soups. It allows water to interact with different types of molecules that have different structures as compared to water. In plants, water is required by every part, so it reaches to them by using adhesion quality. Water interacts with the roots, then moves forward, and reaches to the required part of that plant by interacting with numerous components of it. Juice can’t serve this purpose because of the lack of fluidity which is present in water.

If you are drinking other supplements

If you are drinking other supplements of water to fulfil your body demands, then you have to drink them in large quantities. The reason behind is the less amount of water present in its supplements like juices or soups. Water creates an urge for excretion while others can’t do this as they lack fluidity. Juices are bulkier, and contains fats as compared to water, so if an organism is drinking several glasses of juice, then that person never feels hungry. Cohesion is another quality of water that allows it to bind with the same molecules, it means that two water molecules are combined by cohesion.

Science Proved Running

When an empty glass is filled with water at the top, it doesn’t leak immediately like a tea. These water molecules remain bounded to each other for some time due to cohesion quality, and they form a dome shape which is temporary. This thing is responsible for creating tightness at the top of water in glass that allows a fly to sit on it. It is also a reason for the movement of certain animals on water as it acts as a stretched surface like a fiber sheet. This is a scientific explanation, but this feature doesn’t apply to water in normal life. The foot of an individual holds the overall weight of that individual, water never holds this weight on its surface.

It can be possible if an organism tries to apply the pressure on this water layer by moving at high speed. Scientifically, it is possible by applying certain physical laws like the third law of Newton says that when you pull an object, it also pulls you backward. Similarly, when you slightly keep your foot on water, then its tight membrane applies a force on your foot, that can help you to run on water. This is a rare case because the size of an organism plays an important role as a heavy person can’t run on water. A light-weight organism can run on water because of having low weight that applies less pressure on its surface.

Skiing is a different method by which an organism can run on water by using your feet as skis. This technique requires several years of practice as the chances of getting injured or drowning in water are high. If you want to run, then you have to make long movements while running to prevent the breaking of the stretched layer of water. All types of water sources are not suitable for running as they can harm you, those water areas where water remains free from waves is appropriate for running. Waves destroy your balance, and they lead you to drown into the water. Flowing rivers, lakes or seas can be used as they don’t produce water waves while oceans are the main sources of waves.

These oceans are incomplete without waves, a person can’t run on the ocean water. Drowning can produce the fear in your mind related to water that disallows to use water for any purpose. If you have to run speedily on water, then you have to skip the oceanic water to learn this skill.

Flow Just Like Water

The idea to be like water is literally impossible, but it is a philosophy that changes the mindset of facing adversity or a challenge in life. Water is transparent, also we can see right through the water with the naked eye, the notion to be like water is being open to others. Let the people see who you really are as they touch you or even try to inflict damage while remaining unaffected and uninfluenced. It is like being vulnerable and invulnerable at the same time while showing people the true personality without hiding anything. Everything is displayed, whether strength or weakness, there is nothing concealed with pride. We often tend to be discreet in matters that we are not good at since the guilt of imperfection always reminds us of how weak we could get. The philosophy is opposite to what the majority believes in, as water contradicts ego and the made-up standard of people.

Be like water, for it is

Be like water, for it is spontaneous when it flows and flexible in any form. Progression is continuous, not hindered, as you can deflect all anxiety or mind-boggling confusion from people’s perspectives. Versatile in every situational problem that exists in front, adaptable to positive outlooks in trying times. If a person’s mindset becomes like water, he will become unstoppable in reaching his goals or dreams in life. There is clarity in every perspective with reasons behind the problems. The speculation of a dilemma is absolute, not tainted by false knowledge or ignorance. The ability to change the mindset easily in a situation where you find yourself wrong is an exemplary trait, for that is not easy for a normal person to swallow pride at face value.

Acceptance is possible, although the difficult

Acceptance is possible, although the difficult thing is to make it work. Even if a person can adapt fast, it is inevitable for criticism not to take place at the moment of reconciliation since everyone loves to take credit for any correction given to every wrong. The interval of their prejudice will be felt, but here is where a mindset of being water will work best. Can be squished but not squished, can be punched but not punched, the beauty of water. It is pure and has a purpose for every living being, a kind of purpose perhaps we all had forgotten as a human. When you punch water, there is no retaliation, just as how others try to destroy someone innocent may not justify anything at all.

Flow Just Like Water

The prominent martial artist did not only mean how the body should move like water instead of how to handle life like water. Go where the current flows, be flexible in any form, and find tranquility. When you behave like a liquid matter, not a single person can move you easily unless there is free will. No matter how people will pierce affliction in your life, it will just pass through you. The body dodges where the force goes, deflecting every negative impact that life may bring, either from the south or to the north, moving in the opposite direction. Like water, it can replicate any form that would shape a solid matter. The shape of the water is unpredictable, as it can change anytime depending on its vibrations or vessel.

Since the shape of water is unforeseeable, then the personality must be also unreadable which would leave people into assumption only. No matter how hard humans try to gather it by their own bare hands, it will be dispersed without a vessel, just like how wisdom cannot be contradicted by ignorance. Bruce lee clearly wants to convey a message that would change the typical mentality of martial artists, who often worry, and without control of the mind. The concept that inspired others to think like him becomes popular as martial arts was introduced to movies. If we consider ourselves as water, there are changes in the way we think, move, and respond to conflict.

It is easier for us to be free, more loosen with proper coordination of the mind and body when we are not obligated to follow a solid concept. We are unbreakable from any hammer of pain, persecution, or dominance. Always prepared to receive any forces without breaking since water is not solid, more flexible.