Flow Just Like Water

The idea to be like water is literally impossible, but it is a philosophy that changes the mindset of facing adversity or a challenge in life. Water is transparent, also we can see right through the water with the naked eye, the notion to be like water is being open to others. Let the people see who you really are as they touch you or even try to inflict damage while remaining unaffected and uninfluenced. It is like being vulnerable and invulnerable at the same time while showing people the true personality without hiding anything. Everything is displayed, whether strength or weakness, there is nothing concealed with pride. We often tend to be discreet in matters that we are not good at since the guilt of imperfection always reminds us of how weak we could get. The philosophy is opposite to what the majority believes in, as water contradicts ego and the made-up standard of people.

Be like water, for it is

Be like water, for it is spontaneous when it flows and flexible in any form. Progression is continuous, not hindered, as you can deflect all anxiety or mind-boggling confusion from people’s perspectives. Versatile in every situational problem that exists in front, adaptable to positive outlooks in trying times. If a person’s mindset becomes like water, he will become unstoppable in reaching his goals or dreams in life. There is clarity in every perspective with reasons behind the problems. The speculation of a dilemma is absolute, not tainted by false knowledge or ignorance. The ability to change the mindset easily in a situation where you find yourself wrong is an exemplary trait, for that is not easy for a normal person to swallow pride at face value.

Acceptance is possible, although the difficult

Acceptance is possible, although the difficult thing is to make it work. Even if a person can adapt fast, it is inevitable for criticism not to take place at the moment of reconciliation since everyone loves to take credit for any correction given to every wrong. The interval of their prejudice will be felt, but here is where a mindset of being water will work best. Can be squished but not squished, can be punched but not punched, the beauty of water. It is pure and has a purpose for every living being, a kind of purpose perhaps we all had forgotten as a human. When you punch water, there is no retaliation, just as how others try to destroy someone innocent may not justify anything at all.

Flow Just Like Water

The prominent martial artist did not only mean how the body should move like water instead of how to handle life like water. Go where the current flows, be flexible in any form, and find tranquility. When you behave like a liquid matter, not a single person can move you easily unless there is free will. No matter how people will pierce affliction in your life, it will just pass through you. The body dodges where the force goes, deflecting every negative impact that life may bring, either from the south or to the north, moving in the opposite direction. Like water, it can replicate any form that would shape a solid matter. The shape of the water is unpredictable, as it can change anytime depending on its vibrations or vessel.

Since the shape of water is unforeseeable, then the personality must be also unreadable which would leave people into assumption only. No matter how hard humans try to gather it by their own bare hands, it will be dispersed without a vessel, just like how wisdom cannot be contradicted by ignorance. Bruce lee clearly wants to convey a message that would change the typical mentality of martial artists, who often worry, and without control of the mind. The concept that inspired others to think like him becomes popular as martial arts was introduced to movies. If we consider ourselves as water, there are changes in the way we think, move, and respond to conflict.

It is easier for us to be free, more loosen with proper coordination of the mind and body when we are not obligated to follow a solid concept. We are unbreakable from any hammer of pain, persecution, or dominance. Always prepared to receive any forces without breaking since water is not solid, more flexible.